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How we help you

Social outings of all kinds

Social outings of all kinds. Your favorite cafe, the beach on a sunny day, a social club meeting, museum or sporting events, however, you like to get out and about.

Community Garden with AdaptCare

Prepare for your day

Prepare for your day - If you need help organizing the shopping, or general life tasks, we can do it. Attend appointments, commitments, or events

Manage day to day task with AdaptCare

Build your independent living skills

Build your independent living skills - Slowly building up skills is our expertise, whether learning to cook, pay the bills online, socialize in the community, or any task you want to accomplish for yourself.

Cook with AdaptCare

Help navigate emotional challenges and support you through the difficulties of living with a mental health disability

Attentive Therapist offered by AdaptCare

AdaptCare Service Area

Office location: 44 Kneen St, Fitzroy North, VIC, 3068

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