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Fasten Your Seatbelt & Enjoy the scenery while on the road.

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Tips & Tricks for Living With Disability NDIS Resources

You should be aware of this if you take taxis and have a disability in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, or Western Australia.

Fasten Your Seatbelt & Enjoy the scenery while on the road_AdaptCare

A dedicated disability taxi service has begun operations with a variety of technological capabilities that enable you to manage your travel expenses, examine your typical trip prices, choose your preferred driver, and much more.

Fasten Your Seatbelt & Enjoy the scenery while on the road_Image2_AdaptCare

You can choose a favorite driver, set up a credit account, get a dedicated support manager, and use technology to track your journeys and travel expenses through the new Black & White Cabs service, Disability Accessibility Support Hub (DASH). You may also choose to get alerts when the amount in your account is about to run out.

For further security, your account will be put on hold if you surpass your account limit or the term of your agreement with DASH expires. This implies you can't unintentionally go over budget.

Additionally, the DASH service can help you determine how many trips you can take with the money you still have because it displays your average trip spending. This allows you to make future plans.

Your information is kept private, but you can choose to provide your plan manager (that's us!) or your support coordinator access to a dashboard to analyze your trips and spending, which may help with identifying travel trends and getting ready for your plan reevaluation.

Learn more about DASH and the offerings made by Black & White Cabs.

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